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It's done - Crocheted Hooded Cowl

Posted Mar 1st, 2015

It's done - Crocheted Hooded Cowl

This crocheted hooded cowl is definitely needed this winter.

With February having the coldest temperatures since 1937 in Ontario, this project was needed to keep our head warm and wind from our face. Now that March is here, it is finally finished. Temperatures typically warm up in March - sometimes even in the mid- to high-teens - that remains to be seen however. I'm sure there will be a few days I will still need this - if not - there's always next winter.

The crocheted hooded cowl is crocheted from 100% pure wool - it will be so warm. With a ruffled edge and ridged body, it is easy to crochet. The ruffles are a different stitch than we normally use, while the main body - well - you know how much I love single crochet.

Watch for the pattern on the site soon!

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