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Oh the 'Simplicity' of it all

Posted Aug 9th, 2016 in pattern book archives

Oh the 'Simplicity' of it all

Time to catalogue the craft books and decide what to do with them all... 

Over the past six years I have moved four times. I have a basement full of boxes that have never been unpacked from the first move. Not to mention, my parents are preparing to sell their home and keep giving me back all the items I have stored at their place.. 

It's definitely a trip down memory lane in a lot of cases... 

But, when it comes to my craft books - well that's a little different. Over the years, I have collected quite a few - mostly crochet patterns, how-to-books and magazines. Of course, I've kept every single one, just in case I need that one pattern I cannot design myself.  That being said, I have also been given my grandmother's and great-grandmother's crochet and can you believe it -- tatting books. I've never quite figured out how to tat. One of these days I guess. 

And, people who know me and know how much I love to crochet (sorry - I haven't done much of it in the last six years), have given me rare yarn, tools and even more books. 

So here begins the documentation process... 

First up:

Simplicity Sewing Book featuring the Simplicity Unit System of Sewing

The forward says:

This book introduces you to the Simplicity System of Sewing, the easy approach to making clothes quickly and professionally. 

Copyright 1958 4-200-580 

Inside the book, there is everything from measurement charts and how to buy a pattern, to complete instructions on making different types of garments, creating piping, terminology and more. 

Maybe I should use this book to get started sewing. Oh wait, I don't own a sewing machine, not to mention I believe I was kicked out of Home Economics (yes, I know, I'm dating myself) back at Our Lady of Lourdes in Guelph, Ontario many moons ago... Beyond sewing a straight line -- oops, I forgot, that's what I was kicked out of class for - I couldn't, more likely wouldn't sew a straight line, and threading the machine - that is the extent of my sewing ability.  I can hem a pair of pants, fix a hole and sew on a button by hand if I need to. Heck, I can even embroider - not anything like my mother, however, but I can do it! 

But sew - that is a whole different world to me...  

So now what to do with this book? As I go through my boxes and boxes - I'm sure I will run across more sewing books... Oh, and this one, I'm sure was either my mother's, or grandmother's - I wasn't born yet in 1958. 

Simplicity got it wrong, when it comes to me and sewing -- there's nothing simple about it.  Give me a crochet hook any day!! 

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