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Some things are just plain ugly

Posted Aug 13th, 2016 in pattern book archives

Some things are just plain ugly

Leisure Arts Odds 'n Ends To Knit and Crochet circa 1977

I could see myself crocheting the slippers, the potholders, the hot plate and even the hat and mittens - but the golf club cozy with pompoms, or the ski helmet - nope, not in a million years.. especially in those colours.  

What self-respecting golfer would venture out to the golf course with pompoms on their golf clubs?

Funny, how in 1977 I'm sure these items were all quite stylish and even the colours okay for the era - but looking back on them now - I don't think so. 

The potholders certainly never go out of style (my pet peeve with these is that if they are made with synthetic yarn, they quite often melt when using them - decorative potholders only please.. The turtle - that is cute -- I probably would have picked a different colour combination however. I'm sure in 1977 it looked great in a kitchen with harvest gold or whatever the green colour for appliances happened to be called at the time.  

Can you remember 1977?

I was 13. I think wearing multi-coloured Pepsi platform shoes... and cougar boots. 

Oh how things change.  

So another pattern book added to my archives! At least this 'leaflet' is helpful in that it offers instructions on how to make a pompom. 

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