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Who is C. Strohmeyer? A Year of Doilies

Posted Sep 18th, 2016 in pattern book archives

Who is C. Strohmeyer? A Year of Doilies

Do you still use doilies? I do here and there... 

One of the things I like about doilies -- they are quick to crochet. 

I am a very impatient person when it comes to projects being completed. So, I am always looking for quick patterns to crochet, especially after completing a large and time consuming project. Crocheting doilies fits the bill. 

This pattern book, was published in 1991 by Leisure Arts. Leaflet #2120 A Year of Doilies by C. Strohmeyer, offers 12 designs, one for each month of the year. 

In flipping through, I believe I have crocheted four or five of the patterns. 

I am curious as to who C. Strohmeyer is... 

I have searched on-line for over an hour and cannot find any information on her/him. There is reference after reference of patterns designed by C. Strohmeyer but no information... 

If anyone out there can lead me to a site to find out about this designer, it would be appreciated... 

Thank you to Jennie G for providing the following information: 

Your picture of Mr. Strohmeyer's doily book from Leisure Arts showed up on the Knitting Paradise discussion. Someone had crocheted the cover doily, and your picture was used as the reference to which book. I followed the link back to you and noticed that you were curious about C. Strohmeyer. I can only tell you what I know secondhand, from the sales reps at Leisure Arts years ago. I owned a small needlework/crafts shop for 25 years, ans so I got very familiar with Leisure Arts and they with me lol What I was told was that his "real" job was as an engineer. I don't know if he only started designing after he retired or that he was always designing, but he was an older retired man when I was purchasing from LA. His earlier designs were always "C. Strohmeyer" because he didn't think that crocheters would purchase patterns designed by a man lol BTW, I searched death certificates on Ancestry and found 2 Charles Strohmeyer; one died in PA in 1989 and one died in Louisiana (where I live!) in 1985. There were more, but all in the 1800s. He designed not only crocheted doilies but also lots of knitting.

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