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I hated Phentex yarn - Slippers from 1971

Posted Oct 30th, 2016 in pattern book archives

I hated Phentex yarn - Slippers from 1971

Phentex slipper patterns from 1971 - Style No: 6843

Phentex yarn has to be the worst yarn I have ever had the not-so-great pleasure of working with -- thankfully, I didn't too much, but my mother did. 

That being said, I had to wear the end product... 

I remember having this fairly bright orange skirt, my mother had crocheted for me as a child. While I always appreciated the work my mother put into the crocheted and hand-sewn clothes she made for my brothers and I, this was the worst feeling skirt against your skin. In those days, (listen to me, I sound ancient -but I'm only going back 40 or so years) young girls were not allowed to wear pants to school -- only skirts with socks (not even tights).  This yarn felt hard and stiff and left indentations in your skin for what seemed like hours after sitting for awhile.  If only I could find a photo with me wearing it... I think there is one somewhere. 

The other things I hated about this yarn, was it was very stringy to work with - meaning, you were forever missing a strand of the yarn. And secondly, I always felt if you put this yarn too close to a heat source that it would melt - it felt like it was 3/4s plastic. Funny, the bottom of the pattern states:

With Phentex... comfort and fun. Stain resistant -- long wearing --- (that it was), Non-fading fast colours -- machine washable. 

Anyway, today I found this slipper pattern leaflet. Style no 6843 from Phentex in 1971. It is a double-sided page, colour one side with the second side being black and white. Believe it or not, the patterns for all three slipper sets are on the back. I do remember wearing these too. They were warm, but deadly slippery on hardwood floors. Oh and did I mention this pattern is for knitting, not crocheting.

Good - that leaves me out! I'm not a fan of knitting - it just seems to take too long in comparison to crocheting a project. I can actually knit, but usually reserve this for cuffs on crocheted items...

I'd love to hear your Phentex woes...


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