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Crochet Do Dads' Patterns

Simple Fall Table Runner or Mat Crochet Pattern

Two in one home decor crochet pattern. This pattern is easy to make, offers texture and is versatile. Use it as a table runner or a mat. Add more flowers or keep it simple.

Made with Bernat Handicrafter 100% cotton, you will love this as a table runner. It won't melt if a hot plate is placed on top. Just as versatile as a door mat as well. For the mat - you could even double up on the cotton to make it thicker (you will have to adjust the foundation chain size if doing this - just keep in mind the stitch count must me an odd number if doing this). 

The mat/runner itself uses 2 stitches throughout. The flower is sc and chains only. Add a little embroidery and you have a master piece.  

This finishes up at 28 x 34" when complete. 




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